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How to quickly get hours of watching on YouTube

In order for the video to rank well on YouTube, as well as the channel on which it is posted, it is very important that the video matches a number of parameters and has good enough statistics.

Well, for this it is very important to accumulate a sufficiently large number of hours that viewers spend watching, and it will be important for many to learn about how this can be achieved today. Dial hours of viewing will help youtube watch hours generator on top4smm.com.



The first step is to add some bright and colorful videos that will attract new and old audiences.

This will help raise interest in the channel. Then, it is worth looking at the previous one and understanding what was the matter. Perhaps the content is too long. You can hardly change anything, but just add annotations with some interesting facts and aphorisms.

Henceforth, it is worth adding videos that will enthrall the user from the very beginning. It is also important not to place ads too often and too close to the beginning of the video.

Of course, it is worth encouraging viewers to continue watching, for example, with some particularly interesting and bright moments that can cheer up many people.

What else is important to consider


Of course, in order to achieve an increase in the number of views in a short time, it is better to invest in additional advertising. But it should be done after the changes above have been made.

In this case, it will turn out to increase the number of new people. While the former audience may already have formed a habit of overlooking the videos to the end or rewinding them, newcomers may not have this habit yet, and due to their views, the number of hours can significantly increase, reaching the indicators that the channel author wanted to achieve.

As a result, you will be able to raise this parameter rather quickly if you apply all the actions in the complex.

In order to achieve the best possible performance, there should be a lot of viewing hours. Today YouTube has quite serious requirements on this aspect, as well as on many others. That is why many people fail to achieve the desired indicators on their own. In this case, you can turn to professionals, but only to those who have already proven themselves well.

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